February 21, 2015

Prayer for Lent

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O God, who makes all things new,
new stars, new dust, new life;
take my heart,
every hardened edge and measured beat,
and create something new in me.
I need your newness, God,
the rough parts of me made smooth;
the stagnant, stirred;
the stuck, freed;
the unkind, forgiven.
And then, by the power of your Spirit,
I need to be turned toward Love again. Amen.

From The Awkward Season: Prayers for Lent by Pamela C. Hawkins
(Nashville, TN: Upper Room Books, 2009), 30.


November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Prayer

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A Prayer of Thankfulness & Gratitude
God eternal, righteous and glorious One,
We give you thanks
For breath that fills me with your life,
For love that softens my heart,
For beauty revealed at every turn.
Christ redeemer, faithful and forgiving One,
We give you thanks
For renewal, transforming our lives,
For peace calming the chaos of our souls,
For hope restoring our faith.
Spirit sustainer, abiding and compassionate One,
We give you thanks
For caring when our hearts are aching,
For friends supportive in times of need,
For generosity lavish and overflowing.
Eternal One, Redeeming One, Sustaining One,
We give you thanks
For You.

By Christine Sine

October 11, 2013

The Welcoming Prayer :: Father Thomas Keating

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Welcome, welcome, welcome.
I welcome everything that comes to me today
because I know it’s for my healing.
I welcome all thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons,
situations, and conditions.
I let go of my desire for power and control.
I let go of my desire for affection, esteem,
approval and pleasure.
I let go of my desire for survival and security.
I let go of my desire to change any situation,
condition, person or myself.
I open to the love and presence of God and
God’s action within. Amen.

By Father Thomas Keating

August 19, 2013

Prayer Liturgy on 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream”

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May we dream of a world made new,
Where together we shout for justice,
And as one we fight against oppression.
May we dream of a world made new,
Where together we seek God’s righteousness
And as one we sing God’s praise.
May we dream of a world made new,
Where together we climb God’s mountain,
And as one we enter the promised land.
May we dream of a world made new,
Where together we proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom,
And as one we enjoy its peace, and abundance and love.

(Adapted from Psalm 72:1-10, & Amos 5:24)
God let your justice and fairness flow like a river that never runs dry
Please help those of us who are rich to be honest and fair just like you, our God.
May we who have such abundance be honest and fair with all your people, especially the poor.
Let peace and justice rule every mountain and fairness flow as a river that never runs dry.
God let your justice and fairness flow like a river that never runs dry
May we your people defend the poor, rescue the homeless, and crush everyone who hurts them.
May we be as helpful as rain that refreshes the ground, to those who are treated unjustly.
Let the wholeness and fairness of your kingdom live forever like the sun and the moon.
God let your justice and fairness flow like a river that never runs dry
Because you our God rescue the homeless and have pity on those who hurt
May we who are rich stand up for the poor and let peace abound until the moon fades to nothing.
Let God’s kingdom of justice and fairness reach from sea to sea, across all the earth.
God let your justice and fairness flow like a river that never runs dry

Take from Christine Sine on Godspace blog:

August 4, 2013

Prayer of Presence

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God of Israel, God of Jesus, your name is Shekinah, Presence.
We feel your saving presence in our bodies, our emotions, our hopes.

You appear in deserts and oases, in crisis and at quiet meals.
Your epiphanies calm our fears and heal our shame.

Help us to recognize you in all your faces –
in the flesh as well as in the spirit, in Eros as well as in Logos.

Help us remember that Jesus is God’s desire in the flesh,
God’s body language.

Make us alive to our world, and through it, alert us to your presence.

Taken from: Holy Eros: Pathways to a Passionate God 
By James D. Whitefield & Evelyn Eaton Whitehead

Prayer of Absence

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God of presence, help us to bear your mysterious absence.

Help us through the darkness of the nights when we cannot see you,
the discontent of winters when we cannot feel you,
the sorrow of seasons when we cannot hear you.

Attune us to the absence that is generous –
emptying of a cherished past
in preparation for your surprising future.
Lead us not into despair, but toward the hope of your coming.

Taken from: Holy Eros: Pathways to a Passionate God
By James D. Whitefield & Evelyn Eaton Whitehead

July 4, 2013

Breathe in, Breathe out

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Breathe in all that is of God,
Love, joy peace, compassion.
Breathe out all that is not of God,
Fear, anxiety, worry, greed.
Breathe in all that is of God,
Mercy, justice, righteousness,humility,
Breathe out all that is not of God,
Selfishness, injustice, indifference, acquisitiveness.
Sit quietly before your God and breathe in life.

By Christine Sine

January 5, 2013

Prayer for Epiphany

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Beloved Jesus,
may I have the faith and insight of the Wise Men,
who, when faced with an ancient hope of a foreign people
and the appearance of a remarkable star,
grasped the connection, and went and followed that star.
I stand now at the border of a new year,
which is to me like an unknown country.
I don’t know what I will experience as I traverse it;
I don’t know what obstacles will lie across my path.
Lead me, like the Wise Men, on a quest
of faithfulness and worship,
of hopefulness and giving,
and always unto Yourself.

~ Jeanie Gushee (1962–)

Taken from: Yours Is the Day, Lord, Yours Is the Night: A Morning and Evening Prayer Book

December 28, 2012

New Year’s Prayer by Ted Loder

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I Hold My Life up to You Now

Patient God,
the clock struck midnight
and I partied with a strange sadness in my heart,
confusion in my mind.

Now, I ask you
to gather me,
for I realize
the storms of time have scattered me,
the furies of the year past have driven me,
many sorrows have scarred me,
many accomplishments have disappointed me,
much activity has wearied me,
and fear has spooked me
into a hundred hiding places,
one of which is pretended gaiety.
I am sick of a string of “have-a-nice-days.”
What I want is passionate days,
wondrous days,
dangerous days,
blessed days,
surprising days,
What I want is you!

Patient God
this day teeters on the edge of waiting
and things seem to slip away from me,
as though everything were only memory
and memory is capricious.
Help me not to let my life slip away from me.
O God, I hold up my life to you now,
as much as I can,
as high as I can,
in this mysterious reach called prayer.

Come close, lest I wobble and fall short.
It is not days or years I seek from you,
not infinity and enormity,
but small things and moments and awareness,
awareness that you are in what I am
and in what I have been indifferent to.

It is not new time,
but new eyes,
new heart I seek,
and you.

Taken from: Guerrillas of Grace: Prayers for the Battle by Ted Loder

December 22, 2012

O Oriens – Madeleine L’Engle

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O come, O come Emmanuel
within this fragile vessel here to dwell.
O Child conceived by heaven’s power
give me thy strength: it is the hour.

O come, thou Wisdom from on high;
like any babe at life you cry;
for me, like any mother, birth
was hard, O light of earth.

O come, O come, thou Lord of might,
whose birth came hastily at night,
born in a stable, in blood and pain
is this the king who comes to reign?

O come, thou Rod of Jesse’s stem,
the stars will be thy diadem.
How can the infinite finite be?
Why choose, child, to be born of me?

O come, thou key of David, come,
open the door to my heart-home.
I cannot love thee as a king–
so fragile and so small a thing.

O come, thou Day-spring from on high:
I saw the signs that marked the sky.
I heard the beat of angels’ wings
I saw the shepherds and the kings.

O come, Desire of nations, be
simply a human child to me.
Let me not weep that you are born.
The night is gone. Now gleams the morn.

Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel,
God’s Son, God’s Self, with us to dwell.

~Madeleine L’Engle

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