October 16, 2010

Prayer of Sabbath Rest

Posted in Contemporary Prayers tagged , at 4:42 pm by davebayne

Jesus, we believe that you are the Messiah who has given us new life.

We have lived this day in anticipation of your resurrection-created world,
Where your eternal Sabbath rest waits for all creation.
We remember your promise of renewal and rebirth for all life.
Your Sabbath rest is all-inclusive.
You promise to take our yoke upon you,
Your Sabbath rest shares our burdens.
You promise to set the captives free,
Your Sabbath rest frees from oppression.
You promise to feed the hungry,
Your Sabbath rest brings abundance for all.
You promise to heal the sick,
Your Sabbath rest brings us wholeness.
Not alone, but together,
A great international community that is your body,
We live in expectation of that day when Christ returns,
And your eternal Sabbath rest comes for all creation.

Taken from: Light for the Journey: Morning and Evening Prayers for Living Into God’s World by Christine Sine (From Sunday Evening Prayer, p. 37).



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