July 30, 2010

Classic Prayer: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Posted in Classic Prayers at 5:00 am by davebayne

Prayer in an Hour of Special Need

“O Lord God,
Great is the mystery that has come upon me;

My cares would overwhelm me,

I know not what to do.

O God, be gracious unto me and help me.

Grant me strength to bear what You send, and don’t let fear rule over me.

As a loving Father, take care of my loved ones

My wife and children.

O merciful God, forgive me all the sins I have committed against You, 

and against my fellowmen.
I trust in Your grace, and commit
life wholly into Your hands,

Do with me what seems best to you, and as is best for me.

Whether I live or die, I am with You,

and You are with me, my God.

Lord, I wait for Your salvation,

and for Your kingdom .


Dietrich Bonhoeffer
 (Lightly paraphrased)

Taken From:
Alan Fadling “Classic Prayers” Blog Series


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