July 15, 2010

The Intercessor

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Blessed Lord! in lowly adoration I would again bow before Thee.  Thy whole redemption work has now passed into prayer:  all that now occupies Thee in maintaining and dispensing what Thou didst purchase with Thy blood is only prayer.  Thou ever livest to pray.  And because we are and abide in Thee, the direct access to the Father is always open, our life can be one of unceasing prayer, and the answer to our prayer is sure.
Blessed Lord!  Thou hast invited Thy people to be Thy fellow-workers in a life of prayer.  Thou hast united Thyself with thy people and makest them as Thy body share with Thee in that ministry of intercession through which alone the world can be filled with the fruit of Thy redemption and the glory of the Father.  With more liberty than ever I come to Thee, my Lord, and beseech Thee: Teach me to pray.  Thy life is prayer, Thy life is mine.  Lord! teach me to pray, in Thee, like Thee.
And O my Lord! give me specially to know, as Thou didst promise Thy disciples, that Thou art in the Father, and I in Thee, and Thou in me.  Let the uniting power of the Holy Spirit make my whole life an abiding in Thee and Thy intercession, so that my prayer may be its echo, and the Father hear me in Thee and Thee in me.  Lord Jesus! let Thy mind in everything be in me, and my life in everything be in Thee.  So shall I be prepared to be the channel through which Thy intercession pours its blessing on the world.  Amen.
~In My Name, Rev. Andrew Murray, 1896

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